Spain and Germany tour packages from Dubai

Tourists’ attractions overview

Spain has 17 autonomous regions waiting for you to show different cultures, cuisine, landscapes and even weather etc. You can see the beautiful landscapes like beaches and do hiking as well. The museums are very famous here and world’s second largest high speed rail link is one of the modern marvels found here. Madrid and Barcelona are two important cities of the country. Barcelona contains Gothic Quarter & La Rambla, best beaches & cultural opportunities while in Madrid it is rich in culture beside the bull in action and also don’t miss the view of Toledo etc.

Germany is the capital of history of culture and politics of Europe. Reichstag building serves you the view of the city and same time it is political and war memorial. Rhine river sail is an evidence of country’s rich culture and history. Goslar has got position of world’s heritage site it is the Germany’s oldest town. Modern history’s Dachau concentration camp is to visit to pay honour 32 thousands human beings who got perished here. Don’t forget your visit to Christmas market at Nuremberg and autobahn. Bradenburg gate is a symbol of peace and is the most famous landmark in Europe. To book Spain and Germany holiday packages from Dubai contact versatile tourism.