Italy and Amsterdam tour Packages from Dubai

Tourists’ attractions overview

If you are very much keen to visit historical places then we suggest you to visit the country Italy as it has great cities of art and beside this it has beautiful coasts, alpine lakes and mountains, it is the place where the tourists are attracted from last many centuries that has made it the top of the most visited countries in the world. It has world’s largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Amsterdam is the place that will become souvenir by exploring it via canal tour and enjoy the Europe’s outstanding infrastructure of the city; you can visit the world class museums as well. If you want to explore Amsterdam the best way through road then you can ride on bicycle by getting it on rent and that make 45% of traffic on road. Enjoy vondelpark and shopping on foot. Enjoy the Italian cuisine to Thai cuisines; enjoy FEBO restaurants and the traditional cafes you dating back to 16th century and many more things waiting for you, so just contact versatile tourism for Italy and Amsterdam holiday packages from Dubai.